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How To Earn Money Online Without Investment

How To Earn Money Online Without Investment

You are in the right place! I’ve shared 7 legit ways to earn money online without any investment. But before diving in it. I want to clear one thing there is no get quick rich scheme on the internet, you need to work hard and intelligently for making money online, like on this website we are selling bathroom supplies.

Like this website, you can make yours put some products on and start selling online from the comfort of your home.  If someone is saying that he will help you to make 1000$ in the night then he might be spamming on you.

Reality is

  • Most of the data entry jobs are scams so away from it.
  • You can make money watching ads or clicking on them, this is another scam.
  • Only hard work pays off,  like seo galway, learn the SEO skills from them and start earning without any investment.
  • You can make thousands of dollars as a beginner. If someone saying he might enroll you in any crime. So stay away from them.

If you are looking for something that can make your millionaire in a single night. Then, I think you should leave this blog right now. Are you ready to work hard? If, yes!

Then here is the list of,

7 Ways To Earn Money Online Without Any Investment

This is the list of 7 best and genuine ways to earn money online without any investment. There are lots of methods that you can use. But some methods require some investment but which methods I’ve shared below don’t require any investment and the best part about these methods that you can do this work from your home.

In the end, I’ve shared a bonus method to make money online without any investment.

So read the article till the end.

#01. Freelancing

The first thing that you can do to make money online from your home is — Freelancing. But the thing is, you must have a skill, like I discussed above you can learn SEO from the best SEO service providers like seo galway. You can work with them as an intern at the start then they will promote you to the paid job.

Skill like — Photo Editing, Video Editing, web developer or Designing, Graphic Designing, social media marketing, etc.

These are few examples of skills. You may have different skills so no worry about it. You can sell your skills to the needed person. Like, if you have the skill in Photoshop then you can sell it as a service and can make money from it. Now the question might in your mind, where to find those peoples who will pay you for your skills.

There are lots of ways to find those people’s. You can use Fiverr, Upwork, Freelancer, LinkedIn, and much more available in the market.

#02. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is another best way to earn money online without investment or you can also try paid methods. But today we are only covering investment-free methods. So I will tell you, how can you do it? First, let me introduce you in brief,

What is affiliate marketing?

When we promote any product or service of a third-party company and generate sales then companies provide some commission of the sale. That is known as Affiliate marketing. Now question is, how you can do affiliate marketing?

You can promote products for free through networked blogs, forums, Facebook Groups, YouTube, WhatsApp, and by answering on quora. All these things take time but give impressive results.

Checkout This: How to become Hardwood Timber Supplier in Ireland

How To Earn Money Online Without Investment

#03. Youtuber

Yes! Absolutely you can become a you-tuber free of cost and can make money. You just need patience, knowledge, and basic skills of YouTube. To become a successful you-tuber. You have to pick a niche on which topic you can make videos. As a beginner use your smartphone to record and edit videos. Lots of free video editing software is already in the market.

Start making videos and upload them on regular basis. Be patient and work hard. Definitely, you will get results.

#04. Consultancy & Training

If you are an expert in any industry or niche. You can share your experience or knowledge with others as a training or consultancy service and can charge for it. Like if you have knowledge of web hosting, Kitchen Fitting, Digital Marketing, Data Analysts, or anything else that you know and you are an expert in it. You can sell it and earn money online.

Again, you can find your clients on Fiverr, LinkedIn, or Facebook. In the beginning, you can offer 15 or 30min free consultancy or something this kind of offer that will help you to build clients.

#05. Sell Courses

You can say selling online courses is a new big trend that many peoples are following. You can also do it. Make a course about any specific topic in which you are an expert and put all the information in it and then start selling it. You can sell your courses on platforms like — Udemy or Coursera.

If you have a trusted user base then you can also ask them to purchase your course and if they trust on you. Definitely, they will purchase from you.

#06. Be A Influencer

Do you have a following on Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat or Tiktok then start scaling it. Because you can also make money from it. This is known as Influencing business. You just need some active followers in any specific niche and as many followers, count and engagement will be on your account.

That much amount you charge from companies. You can approach a company or sometimes companies approach you to share any post or video about them on your social media handles. Most celebrities and well famous persons use this method to make money online.

#07. Offer Content Writing Service

As a beginner one of the best skill which you can acquire to start your journey of earn money online. Even, I started my journey the same with the content writing services. Even we still provide Content writing to our clients. You can also start it. You just need to understand how to write and basic if content writing to deliver good quality content.

This is the best way to earn money online without any investment from your home. Practice this skill and when you feel you are good at this skill offer it to others. You can find clients on Upwork, Fiverr, LinkedIn (My Favorite), or

#08. Bonus: Do Guest Posting For Your Clients

Backlinks are very important to get a higher ranking in the SERP’s and we also have shared 7 ways to build backlinks and guest posting is one of them. Guest posting is a natural practice to build backlinks and many bloggers always looking for those peoples, who can do this for them.

You can offer this service to those bloggers. Again you should have good writing skills to offer a guest posting service. You can connect with those bloggers via email or social media handles. It will be easy for you to convince them if you would have some sample work to show.


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Hardwood Timber Supplies Ireland

Hardwood Timber Supplies Ireland

How to Choose Best Wood for Carpentry

Woodwork is by far one of the most embraced industries in Ireland. The use of both softwood and hardwood for woodwork is a factor depending on what type of piece or finish you are working on, we at Carpenter Tallaght work with all types of wood and can guide in selecting best wood for your bathrooms and kitchens.

Different pieces and finishes demand different types of wood.  This narrows down to either hardwood or softwood. After all, is said and done,  the supply of timber for both hardwood and softwood timber is one thing to be sought after. click here to learn more about hardwood and softwood.

You might want a certain type of hardwood or softwood timber but it all narrows down to the supplies.  The focus of this article will be on hardwood timber supplies.

Types of Hardwood in Ireland

Below are the types of hardwoods found in Ireland. They include;

  • Marple; it’s hard, heavy and strong. It’s a high bending and crushing strength.  It has a medium stiffness
  • Alder; it’s one of the oldest trees In Ireland. It’s very heavy and strong. Its bending and crushing properties are good.  It’s medium durable too
  • Mahogany; it’s hard, strong and heavy.  It’s easy to work with since its bending and crushing properties are good.  It has a medium stiffness
  • Oak; very good strength properties. It is moderate when it comes to durability.
  • Walnut; is a tough and hard timber. It is very durable and the best thing about it is its water-resistance capabilities
  • Leeth


Hardwood Timber Supplies Ireland
Image Provided by Cliqued Media

Softwoods also do well in Ireland. They include;

  • Cedar
  • Pine
  • Douglas

Factors to Consider when Choosing a Hardwood Timber Supply

In Ireland, there are very many reasons to consider when looking at the supply of both softwood and hardwood timber and you’ll get to consider some factors.

1.  The Ordering Process

Many suppliers have different methods of supplying hardwood timber for woodwork. You must put into consideration this factor. learn more woodworking at

Depending on the type of woodwork that you’re undertaking,  consider the ordering process.  To maybe a make it or break it factor.  A seamless ordering process will lead to seamless product delivery.

2.  Delivery  Details of the suppliers

Woodwork suppliers must be at the top of their game.  Do a background check if the suppliers are always up to speed when it comes to the type of hardwood you require for your woodwork. You don’t want a last-minute rush and disappointments and you already have a project on the move.

3.  Check if the Hardwood you are Being Supplied with is Authentic to the Type of Project at Hand

Hardwood comes in different varieties.  It’s therefore important to check with the supplier if they have the right type of hardwood needed for the woodwork project in question.

There some hardwood is good for furniture,  others are good for floor finishes while others are good for making finishes. It’s therefore advisable to check the type of hard you need from the suppliers, learn more on best woods for furniture by clinging here

Hardwood Timber Supplies Ireland

4.  Consider if the Hardwood is Pocket Friendly

When you’re taking on a project it’s wise to consider the price of the ideal hardwood.  Check from different suppliers and get the variation but remember do not down look at the quality. Get the best deals at the lowest prices. Big saves allow you to come with big smiles.

5.  Do a background check with different types of hardwood

Different hardwood comes in different varieties and they also are being used differently when it comes to different projects.  You want to get the best when you are set out for a particular project.  Don’t get it mixed up and get a very poor final product.


Hardwood timber supply in Ireland is an angle that so many woodworking projects consider.  It’s a corner that comes as a big help when it comes to woodwork.

It’s an eye-opener since most projects nowadays are done by amateurs. Putting into consideration the above facts might lead you in the right direction.